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Newsletter Editorial September 2021


In the previous two editions of the Community Bulletin I expressed the hope that our lives might be about to return to some kind of normality only to realise a month or two later that my optimism was misplaced. However, at long last I can repeat the view with greater confidence. Many of us will have been double vaccinated and the restrictions on getting together have been relaxed. However, we still need to be cautious.

Monthly Community Council meetings will restart on Tuesday 28 September at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre. As I have explained previously, meetings are relatively informal and provide an opportunity for everyone attending, not just the elected community councillors, to express their opinions on on-going issues or to raise new matters. The Community Council

has limited power but does have considerable influence as a consequence of behaving in a responsible and informed way with Fife Council and other bodies. It is not here to sort out disputes between neighbours or pursue individual or personal complaints against Fife Council and other bodies, but it can help maintain the standards that the majority of people expect of others and support them in their actions to get problems tackled.

I am also taking this opportunity to launch the updated villages’ website which you can find at I am grateful to Vince Woodward for his work on this and I also want to thank Ian Homes-Lewis who created the original site back in 2012 and maintained it until health issues required him to relinquish his responsibilities earlier this year. Vince has loaded a considerable amount of useful information onto the new site but it has the capacity to accommodate much more and I hope individuals and groups will add to the content. We are particularly keen to create a directory of local businesses and ‘trusted traders’ so, if you live in the area and provide goods or services and would like to be included, email

Finally, I am pleased to be able to report that after an enforced break last year there will be a firework display at Saline Golf Club on Friday 12 November. The show will again be provided by pyromancer Chris Mason. The last eighteen months have been difficult for everybody, but it has demonstrated the value of friends and neighbours, and of living in a socially cohesive and supportive community. Let’s use the event to celebrate this and to take us forward into a new post-Covid era.

David Chisholm

Chair, Saline and Steelend Community Council

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