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About Us

Our Heritage

Of Kings and Cabbages

Saline Parish has some interesting and unusual tales to tell.

Jules Verne took a holiday in the parish. The sons of a Saline man started and finished the American Civil War. A Saline man introduced department stores to Canada. A farm labourer’s son from Steelend became the greatest linguist and theologian of his age and worked for the Tsar of Russia. A Saline born earl became king of Scots. (Well almost) Two Saline brothers bought a ranch in Texas and fought Indians and bandits.

All these stories and more are contained in a new book entitled “Saline Parish; of Cabbages and Kings.

This 128 page book, that includes 16 pages of photographs and maps, has been 8 years in the writing and is a very much enlarged second edition to a former book, “The Saline Parish Historical Trail” published in 2004.

In addition to the stories about people born and who lived in the parish, the book gives a detailed history of coal mining in the parish and provides vivid accounts of dramatic events underground.

A host of facts on the interesting buildings and features of the parish are provided together with a review of the medieval and ecclesiastical history of the area.

An enjoyable read for anyone interested in the parish, and a nice gift for relatives and friends abroad who have connection with Saline.

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Saline & District Heritage Society

For those of you wishing to find out more about the history and heritage of Saline and district

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About our Community Council.

Saline and Steelend Community Council is the non-political body that represents the interests of everyone living and working in the parish and provides a forum for discussing issues affecting the physical, economic, social and environmental well-being of the community.

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About the Community Council

Your questions answered.

How is the Community Council funded?

Fife Council provides an annual grant.

How are the Community Councillors Chosen?

Community Councillors are elected every four years and in between are re-elected at Annual General Meetings.

How often are Community Council meetings held

Meetings take place on the last Tuesday of each month, except in July and December, at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre.

Who can attend Community Council Meetings?

Any member of the community can attend the monthly meetings and raise issues and participate in discussion. 

Elected members of Fife Council also attend meetings.

What is the role of the Community Council meeting?

Community Councillors take decisions having regard to the views expressed at the meeting.  

Minutes of the meetings are posted on the website and summarised in the Community Bulletins.

Subscribers to our website will be sent a copy of our bulletin and minutes to their email address.

Click here to view our Minutes and Bulletins.

How can I contact the Community Council

Contact with the Community Council can be made in a  variety of ways:

Our Website.

Our Forum

Our Facebook group 


We also have a chat facility for the community to share views


What is the Community Action Plan?

The Community Council also has ‘ownership’ of the Community Action Plan.  

First prepared in 2011, it summarises the main themes and priorities for achieving physical, social, economic and environmental sustainability of our community based on views expressed by almost half of the households in the area.  

An update was prepared in 2019.  It is a valuable resource when seeking to demonstrate community support for issues and in attracting funding for new initiatives.

Click here for more Information

What is Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust ?

Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust is the ‘action arm’ of the Community Council. 

 It is a registered charity and sufficiently robust legally and financially to acquire land and property, employ staff, and borrow money. 

Its Constitution requires two trustees to be nominated by the Community Council.  

The Trust also encourages and supports individuals and small groups to undertake projects that take forward projects identified in the Action Plan.


Which Groups and Agencies does the Community Council Work with?

Working with others

Saline and Steelend Community Council works closely with Fife Council and other agencies on a wide range of issues affecting the area. 

It is also represented on the West Fife Villages Forum. 

It also maintains a close relationship with local businesses. 

It recognises the importance of the Saline Primary School, Saline Church, Saline Golf Club and Steelend Miners’ Club.  

The Community Council also works closely with other constituted groups within the villages, in particular Saline Environment Group and Saline Heritage Society.

The Community Council also encourages and promotes a wide range of small groups meeting the social and recreational needs of the community. 

Click here for a full list of groups and their contact details.

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Your Councillors

Here to Serve You

The current members of the Community Council are:


David Chisholm



Donald Murdoch



Marie Crane



Jim Currie



Ken Wcislo



Irene Wardell



Jean Morris



Alistair Hamilton


The post of Vice Chair is currently unfilled.

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